Groundwater Department


Groundwater Department is the nodal agency for groundwater investigation and construction of groundwater extraction structures in the State. The department has started functioning as a part of Agriculture Department and later evolved as an independent department in the year 1978. The initial focus of the department was to provide solution to the irrigation needs and later extended to domestic and industrial needs also. Ever since its inception, Groundwater Department has been dealing with various groundwater related issues and has been a key service provider to all the sectors across the State. The department is also presently engaged in implementing mini water supply schemes, conservation and management of groundwater resources and groundwater regime monitoring. We are rendering department service to natural calamities like drought, flood and landslide.


Ground Water Department Malappuram District Office has specialized officers under its three Branches: Hydrogeology, Engineering and Geophysicsfor carrying out the different activities of the department.
The major activities of the department are as follows:

  • Ground water investigation by hydrogeological and geophysical methods to select the site and type of well for the construction of ground water abstraction structures
  • Construction of ground water abstraction structure Bore well
  • Pumping test / yield test of wells
  • Developing and Flushing of wells
  • Site selection and implementation of artificial ground water recharge structures
  • Implementation of ground water based drinking water schemes
  • Implementation of hand pump schemes
  • Repair of hand pumps fitted in bore wells
  • Renovation of ground water based drinking water schemes
  • Conducting hydro geological studies for environmental clearance to quarries under DEAC
  • Conducting awareness programmes emphasizing the need of ground water conservation and management.
  • Rendering the services of Geologist’s to Disaster Management on demand
  • Enforcement of activities under Kerala Ground Water (Control and Regulation) Act 2002
  • Registration of pumping wells.
  • Granting No Objection Certificate to industrial and infrastructure projects using ground water as raw material.
  • Addressing complaints of over exploitation of ground water.
  • Addressing different types of disputes of ground water use.
  • Registration of drilling rigs and firms / agencies engaged in the business of construction of bore wells, tube wells and filter point wells.
  • Ground water estimation of state.
  • Ground water prospecting.
  • Impact evaluation of implemented artificial recharge structures.
  • Providing training to the Scientific, Technical and Administrative personnel of the department.
  • Providing scientific and technical support to three tier panchayats, government, quasi government and other organisations for the site selection and implementation of ground water based drinking water schemes.
  • Site selection and implementation of ground water based drinking water schemes sanctioned by District Collector under MPLAD, MLASDF, ARWSS, DRW, SC Corpus fund etc.


The department offers various user demand and management services to the public and government.

    • The department conducts systematic hydro-geological and geophysical investigation in order to scientifically assess the availability of groundwater and feasibility of well construction in a particular area for a specified purpose or for domestic and water supply schemes.
    • The department is equipped with Groundwater Prospects Map, Mapping devices, Resistivity meters, GPS etc. for field studies.
    • The drilling wing is equipped with DTH unit for drilling of bore wells.
    • The department undertakes drilling for irrigation by giving fifty percent subsidy and provides limited public water supply schemes with own funding.
    • The works are supervised by qualified technical staff and is guaranteed with after care service and provide technical advice for pumping.
    • The department also provides technical advice to site specific solution to artificial groundwater recharging projects to institutions and individuals free of cost.
    • The department is equipped with pumping test units and provides yield testing of wells to
      industrial, infrastructure projects and also for individuals and public water supply schemes.
    • The staffs of the department are capable of imparting dissemination of knowledge through mass awareness programs, conducting trainings and workshops on various groundwater issues.

    1.Groundwater Investigation

    SL NO. Services Existing Rate Documents Required Remark
    a) For individuals either for agricultural or domestic purposes Rs.585/- Application in prescribed format,Tax Receipt & Possession Certificate
    b) For Institution/Local bodies for water supply purposes Rs.1935/- Application in prescribed format,Referral Letter from the Concerned Authority
    c) For Industrial and other purposes Rs.3860/- Application in prescribed format,Tax Receipt & Possession Certificate, NOC from concerned Local Self Government,Building Permit

    2.Drilling- DTH Drilling

    SL NO. Services Existing Rate Documents Required Remark
    a) 4 1/2″dia bore well Rs.390/m + Cost of pipe 50% subsidy is given for drilling charge for small /marginal
    farmer based on the certificate issued by Agricultural Officer and accessible to department Rig.
    b) 6″dia bore well Rs.665/m + Cost of pipe

    3.Developing of Existing well

    SL NO. Services Existing Rate Documents Required Remark
    a) Per hour rate of compressor employed will be charged subject to a mininum of Rs.5790/-
    b) PUMPING TEST ANALYSIS Hire Charge of Pump set and generator + 40% OverHead Charge

    Rate of Hire charge of equipments

    SL NO. Services Existing Rate Documents Required Remark
    a) Diesel Generator set Rs.970/hr or part thereof subject to a minimum of Rs.4850/day
    b) Electrical pump sets upto 10 HP Rs100/hr or part thereof
    c) Electrical pump sets above 10 HP upto 25 HP Rs 170/hr or part thereof
    d) Electrical pump sets above 25 HP Rs 255/hr or part thereof


    SL NO. Services Existing Rate Documents Required Remark
    a) Water level data for wells/Block/year Rs.695+cost of CD/Floppy, delivery charges
    b) Water level data for wells/panchayath/Year Rs.415+cost of CD/Floppy, delivery charges
    c) Water quality data for wells/block/year Rs.695+cost of CD/Floppy, delivery charges

    Office Address:

    District Officer
    District Office Malappuram
    Groundwater Department,
    Civil Station Building,
    III Floor, B- Block,
    Phone: 0483 2731450