Registration Department

Registration Department is one of the oldest department in the state and it touches citizens at all levels at some time or other.
The main objective of law of registration is to provide a conclusive proof of genuineness of document, afford publicity to transaction, prevent fraud, afford facility for ascertaining whether a property has already been transacted and afford security of title deeds and facility of providing titles in case the original deeds are lost or destroyed. Registration law governs documents rather than transactions.

Organization Structure

Sub Registrar
Chitty Auditor
Chitty Inspector

Office Address.

District Registrar (General) Office,
B2 Block, Civilstation Po, Malappuram 676505
Ph- 0483-2734883
E-mail –

Sub Registrar offices under this department

Number Office Name Address Phone
1 Areekode Areekode P.O, 673639 0483-2851210
2 Codackal Alathiyoor P.O, 676102 0494-2568200
3 Edakkara Edakkara P.O, 679331 04931-276330
4 Edappal Edappal P.O, 679576 0494-2689448
5 Kalpakanchery Kalpakanchery P.O,676551 0494-2546747
6 Kondotty Kondotty P.O, 673638 0483-2717444
7 Kottakkal Kottakkal P.O, 676503 0483-2746400
8 Kuttippuram Kuttippuram P.O, 678571 0494-2607459
9 Makkaraparambu Makkaraparambu P.O, 676507 04933-287377
10 Malappuram Kottappadi,Malappuram- 676519 0483-2731898
11 Manjeri Kacherpadi Manjeri P.O, 676121 0483-2764299
12 Melattur Melattur P.O, 678326 04933-278040
13 Mongam Mongam P.O, 673642 0483 2771232
14 Moorkanad Kolathur P.O, 679338 04933-202530
15 Nilambur Chandakunnu.P.O, 679342 04931-225687
16 Parappanangadi പParappanangadi P.O, 676303 0494-2415170
17 Perinthalmanna Perinthalmanna P.O, 679332 04933-228037
18 Ponnani PonnaniNagaram P.O, 679583 0494-2663096
19 Thenhipalam Thenhipalam P.O, 673636 0494-2401045
20 Thanur Thanur P.O,670302 0494-2445555
21 Tirur Tirur P.O, 676101 0494-2430512
22 Tirurangadi Chemmad, 679328 0494-2466244
23 Wandoor Wandoor P.O, 679328 04931-249520
24 Vazhakkad Chevayoor P.O, 673645 048327-28690
25 Karuvarakund Karuvarakund P.O,676523
26 Edavanna Edavanna P.O,67541 0483-2702400
27 Vegara Vegara P.O,676304 0494-2457250


  • Document Registration

The registration of the document takes place when the executant of the document admits the execution in front of sub registrar.
Documents to be produced- The Identity proof of the executants and claimants of the document and documents relating to the possession of the property.

  • Encumbrance Certificate

The encumbrance certificate contains all the transactions registered relating to a particular property for a period (as required). It will help to know the proper entitlement of a particular property.
The application for Encumbrance certificate is submitted on-line through the website

  • Encumbrance Certificate

The application for Certified copy is submitted on-line through the website

  • Chitty Registration

The application for chitty registration is submitted on-line through the website

  • Marriage Registration

The application for marriage registration is submitted on-line through the website
Documents to be produced- documents relating to address and age

  • Society Registration

The application for Society registration is submitted on-line through the website