Culture & Heritage

Eminent Personalities

Trikandiyur Achutha Pisharodi

Trikandiyur Achutha Pisharodi, an authority in Astronomy, Sankrit grammar and Ayurveda, lived in the period of Thunjath Ezhuthachan. He was the guru of Melpathur Bhattathiri.

Kuttikrishna Marar

A great literacy critic, writer and grammarian in Malayalam was a native of Ponnani.

V.C. Balakrishna Panicker

Poet and writer,   V.C. Balakrishna Panicker  (1889-1912) was born at Oorakam Melmuri near Vengara. His poem ‘Oru Vilapam’ is famous.

Edasseri Govindan Nair

Edasseri Govindan Nair, poet and Social reformer, was a native of Mallur near Kuttippuram, was settled in Ponnani. He was prominent among progressive writers of Kerala.

P.C. Kuttikrishnan alias Uroob

P.C. Kuttikrishnan, known as Uroob, was from Kadavanadu in Ponnani. His novels and short stories played a great role in the development of Malayalam literature.


The communist theoretician and author of the famous play ‘Pattabakki’, which helped the growth of agrarian movement in Kerala, was born in Tirur.

Kuttipurath Kesavan Nair

This poet was from Kuttippuram. The agrarian beauty and the innocence of country sides, were his themes.

P.V. Krishna Warrier

Kavikula guru P.V Krishna Warrier was born in Kottakkal.

Vachaspathi parameswaran Moosad

Famous for the interpretation of Amarakosam named parameswari. Vachaspathi parameswaran Moosad was a native of ponmala near Malappuram.

Chakkiri moideen kutty

Chakkiri moideen kutty, mappila poet and writer born in Cherur near Vengara, used simple Malayalam. He composed an Arabi-Malaylam Dictionary.

 P.C. Gopalan alias Nanthanar

Nanthanar (P.C. Gopalan) born in Angadipuram, is famous for his stories based on military life.

Madhavan Nair alias Madhavanar

The translator of Gandhiji’s autobiography in to Malayalam. Madhavanar  (K. Madhavan Nair) was born in Pallikkunnu.

Vazhemkada Kunju Nair

Famous Kathakali actor and Guru, Vazhemkada Kunju Nair was from Malappuram District.


The late P.S. Warrier, the founder of Arya vaidya sala, initiated the revival of the Malayalam stage. It was under his patronage  that the Paramasiva vilasam Dramatic company was started to promote the Malayalam Drama, at a time when only Tamil Drama clubs add their sway. A permanent halt stage Malayalam Dramas, was built at Kottakkal. Later, this dramatic club was renamed as PSV Natya Sanghom where Kathakali is the main program now.

Kolkali, Daffmuttu and Arbanamuttu of Muslim Community are important folk art forms of the district. Chavittukali or Cherumakkali is another ancient folk art form of Malappuram.

The district has a good network of libraries. The Kerala Grandha sala Sanghom is very active here. Under the Library council, there are 388 affiliated libraries in the district.