Agriculture Department

Office Address

Principal agricultural officer,
Principal agricultural office,
B3-Block, Civil station
Malappuram – 676 505
Phone Number : 0483 2734916


  1. Formulation and implementation of schemes to increase the production and productivity of crops in the State.
  2. Implement agricultural extension programmes in order to propagate advance technologies and thereby bring about a paradigm shift in the agricultural sector.
  3. Production and distribution of quality planting materials.
  4. Timely implementation of agricultural programmes to ensure farmers welfare.
  5. Adopt all legal procedures to ensure the quality of planting materials.
  6. Ensure adequate marketing facilities and farm mechanisation programmes.


  1. Implementation of all State and Central Sector Schemes.
  2. Plan and implement location specific programmes through LSGIs
  3. Encourage the use of farm machinery and thereby reduce the production cost in the farming sector.
  4. Impart training and extension in the farmers’ fields to enable them to adopt scientific agricultural practices.
  5. Impart training to farmers on new agricultural production technologies.
  6. Create awareness among farmer community on programmes and schemes of the agricultural department through media.
  7. Layout of demonstration plots and impart trainings on improved agricultural practices.
  8. Production & distribution of high yielding varieties through approved nurseries, tissue culture labs of the department of agriculture.
  9. Formulate and implement crop insurance programme.
  10. Draw and analyse samples of seeds, fertilizers and plant protection chemicals in order to ensure their quality.
  11. Improve marketing facilities and implement market intervention programmes for farmer welfare.
  12. Issue certificates for organic produces.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Collect, analyse and make available soil health cards of samples within 30 days.
  2. Analyse and provide soil test data to farmers within 3 days on samples received directly at district soil testing laboratories. Analyse and provide soil test data on a campaign mode at Krishi Bhavan level for soil samples through Mobile Soil Testing Laboratories.
  3. Ensure availability of farm workers and agricultural machinery on rates fixed by respective LSGIs
  4. Timely and proper implementation of crop insurance schemes and to provide assistance under natural calamities.
  5. Impart training and ensure availability of quality planting materials/inputs for scientific agricultural practices.
  6. Distribution of quality seeds/seedlings/inputs on subsidised rate.
  7. Provision of certificates for electric connection and free electricity for eligible farmers.
  8. Provide assistance under State Sector /LSGI Schemes to all eligible farmers.
  9. Issuing licence for manufacture and distribution of fertilizer mixtures, organic fertilizers and ensure retail and wholesale distribution of plant protection chemicals.
  10. Increase the awareness and the reach of Keralakarshakan magazine.
  11. Quality analysis of seeds and seedlings
  12. Production and distribution of biocontrol agents.

Farm Awards

Select outstanding farmers and honour them with awards like Karshakothama, Nelkathir,Yuvakarshakan, Yuvakarshaka, Kerakesari, Haritha Mithra, UdyanaSreshta, karshakaJyothi, karshakaThilakam, ShramaSakthi, karshaka Mithra, Harithakeerthi, karshakaRatna etc.