Factories & Boilers Department

The Department of Factories Boilers is under the Ministry of Labour and Skills. The main responsibility of the Department is to check whether the factory Act 1948 and the Indian Boiler Act of 1923 are complied by the factories. The department is designed to ensure the welfare, health and safety of the Factory workers and of the ordinary people. Director is the head of the department. The department is divided into three regions under which there are 22 factory divisions and 25 additional factory divisions.

Name of services provided by Factories & Boilers Department

  1. Registration and Grant of Factory license.
  2. Renewal/ Amendment/Transfer of Factory licenses.
  3. Removal/Suspension of factories under Factories Act
  4. Conduct of medical examinations of workers working in the factories and issue of certificate
  5. Grant of exemption/permission
  6. Recognition of Competent Person
  7. Conduct of welders qualification/ re-qualification test and issue of certificate
  8. Registration of new boiler
  9. Issue of provisional order after inspection of the boiler
  10. Renewal of Boiler Certificate of existing Boilers
  11. Scrutiny and Approval of steam line drawings
  12. Scrutiny of drawings of new Boilers for manufacture
  13. Scrutiny of the drawings of new valves pipes and fittings
  14. Testing of new boilers, valves and fittings after manufacture and issue of certificate
  15. Registration of Boiler Repairer/Erector/ Manufacture
  16. Endorsement of welders certificate/Boiler Attendance certificate/National Apprenticeship Certificate
  17. Duplicate Certificate of Boiler Attendance Certificate/ Boiler Operators Engineers/ Welders Certificate.