Drought Management

Drought preparedness

  1. Make sure that the rain water harvesting facilities are available to ensure that water from the roof tops are effectively collected in a systematic manner and recycle the same for the day to day usage. Also prepare the temporary water collection points to consolidate and store the water during rainy seasons. The excess water should redirect the same to wells by using the pipes effectively.
  2. Scientific and appropriate use of soil and water to safeguard the water usage limit.
  3. Find out the innovative methods for agriculture, which protects the water and agricultural productivity of lands.
  4. Repetition of crops according to the nature of land and availability of water for the effective crop management.
  5. Recycle the used water to the extend.
  6. To bring down the over and excess usage of water. It is advisable to adopt drip irrigation methods.
  7. Never use drinking water for washing the vehicle and for watering the plants.


  1. Please avoid polluting natural water bodies, Safe water for better health.
  2. Soil erosion and other human activities near the river basins should be avoided.
  3. Rain water harvesting system should be promoted.
  4. Promote afforestation and ground water recharging.


  1. If there is a scarcity of water as there is no replacement for the same. The stock of water is coming down day by day in accordance to out usage.
  2. Without water, the human existence is never possible.
  3. Let’s recycle the water which is used for washing, cleaning, watering the plants etc to the maximum possible extend.
  4. It is advisable to water the garden at the morning or evening hours, so that the evaporation can be controlled.
  5. Let’s make it a practice to report the respective authorities, if we observe the water leakage in public drinking water pipes at common areas.
  6. Enhance and promote water recharging.